Bradley Burnell

Bradley Burnell



What is Quixotic Artistry?  It is first and foremost, my brand.  It’s whimsy, it’s being able to look failure directly in the eye, and say “f*&# off”, and turn it into success. It’s my past heartbreak, and my feelings of insecurity. Ironically, it is my suit of armour, and my confidence. It is Assemblage, fashion design, makeup artistry, and graphics.  It is choreography, it is design. It’s perfect balance. It is the rebirth of my failed attempts at becoming a fashion designer,

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About My Work:

I use photoshop as my “original sketch”…I then develop that image, by creating a 3 dimensional piece, with actual layers, using glass, varying levels, resin, etc.   So what you see is certainly an intriguing image, but it’s what you don’t see that will keep you staring.

Upcoming Events:

CURRENT- Group Exhibition at 5547 Project, Indianapolis, IN

MARCH – Group Exhibition – Thelema – Love is Law, Fountain Square Brewery, Indianapolis, IN

Pricing Information:

Typically between $350-1000.


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago



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