Carlos Sosa

Creative Renewal Arts Fellow - In 1999, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, with generous support from the Lilly Endowment, established the Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship program. Originally conceived as a renewal opportunity similar to an academic sabbatical, this groundbreaking initiative offers mid-career artists and arts administrators the opportunity to renew and refresh their creativity. In it's 9th round, the fellowship offers 30 artists and arts administrators $10,000 for an 18 month fellowship period.

Born and raised in the projects of New York City’s South Bronx, Carlos grew up in a community where multi-culturalism wasn’t a buzzword, but rather a way of life. Working with and within other cultures has been second nature… naturally. Getting things done in a more than timely fashion is common to those reared in New York’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Carlos’ design education has been extensive. From the wonderment of bold, provocative subway grafitti to the sophistication of MOMA to the subtle

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BS in Graphic Design, University of Cincinnati



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