Cathy Williams

Cathy Williams



Cathy Williams, a native of Indianapolis, is an abstract-expressionist painter and mixed-media artist.

First drawings appeared at the age of four and her interest in art was resolute through her adult life. She enjoyed a successful career working for a large pharmaceutical corporation the majority of her adulthood. 

Upon retiring, Williams completed courses at the Indianapolis Art Center where her fondness of mixed media and the figurative arts were established; and, she’s never looked back.

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About My Work:


I am an abstract expressionist painter who creates non-representational works on canvas.  These works are alive with my organic and gestural movements.

Charcoal and oil stick markings activate these canvases allowing my intuitive thoughts to develop and awaken.  Working with acrylics, charcoal, spray paint, ink, collage and found objects are the mainstay of my toolbox. Drippy splats and dribbles of paint lend themselves to the rawness of my work, allowing areas of clarity, coupled with looseness of form and detail to shine through the layers of acrylic.

I know the rules … yet, I love to bend or break them.

My artwork is intriguing, sensual and edgy, creating a visual question of what is real and what is left to the viewer’s imagination.  I describe myself as an artist who paints what I feel; and, my feelings, generally, take me to extraordinary places.  

I am dissimilar from the crowd and believe my works create endless dialogues.

Upcoming Events:


Saks Fifth Avenue Art Gallery, Indianapolis, IN, – November

Zhou B Art Center, “Art Diaries”, Chicago, IL – March

Lost Dog Art Gallery, “Show Me Yours, Show You Mine”, Indianapolis, IN – March

Pricing Information:

Please contact for price inquiries.


Indianapolis Art Center

Nicholas Wilton – CVP – Sausolito, CA




Newfields Museum of Art – Indianapolis, IN

CVP Academy – Sausolito, CA



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