E. Adele Schluge

E. Adele Schluge


Many of my small paintings on re-used packaging reflect images I see on my East Side: street style; architecture and interiors; people of different ethnicities.  Others express spiritual themes; faith traditions; peace in nature. Some are simply whimsies: imagined moments, places, patterns. Travels and quiet time spent in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are sources of inspiration. Original paintings-  from fleeting thoughts and mental images to the act of applying paint to cardboard surface-  on a

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My paintings are small in scale-  unframed, approximately 5″ x 7″ to 8″ x 11″. They are priced unframed: $45.00- $75.00.  If you care to have a piece simply framed, mounted on Canson white art paper, under glass in a very basic black acrylic frame, there is an additional $25 charge. Feel free to contact me with inquiries:

317.514.8032  or easchluge@gmail.com


Indiana University B.S. Art



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