Erik Austin Deerly

Erik is a media artist, composer, and designer. He authors interactive work for print, web, performance, and installation. He also creates soundtracks for film, dance, and video. Erik is a multi-instrumentalist who has been composing and recording music since 1980. He studied music composition with Dr. Paul Steg, ethnomusicology with Dr. Han Kuo-Huang, and saxophone with Joe Daley and Steve Duke. Erik is the son of artist Kenneth Deerly, and grandson to jazz singer Margie Little and saxophonist

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About My Work:

I am drawn to the sounds a person makes when in the process of thinking what to say next. I refer to this phenomenon as “treading thoughts.” Though often overlooked, I believe the material surrounding the deliberate “content” acts as a lens by which we interpret that content. I explore this overlooked material, seeking ways to present a unique perspective on the pedestrian, while leaving enough space to allow the viewer a personal entry point into the work.

Pricing Information:

Non-commissioned work ranges in price by genre:

Prints and broadsides start under $50 and can be found online at

Music/audio can be heard free in Pandora and Spotify and purchased starting in $0.99 in the iTunes Store and at Amazon, CDbaby, and other online and traditional retailers.

  • MFA 2008 Interdisciplinary Arts & Media, Columbia College Chicago
  • MM 1986   Candidate, Music in Composition, Northern Illinois University
  • BM 1985   Music in Composition, Northern Illinois University



  • American Institute of Graphic Arts
  • College Art Association
  • New Media Caucus


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