Herschel Fall

Born in 1965 in Indianapolis, Herschel is a largely self-taught artist. He developed his techniques and style of painting from a large supply of art books he has collected over the years. Growing up poor and in an abusive family, Herschel used his drawing and painting as a way to escape from the trials that he faced as a youth. Teachers and friends often encouraged him to show his artwork and continue to develop his own techniques. After taking a long break from art after high school, he was

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About My Work:

Herschel works in acrylic on canvas and watercolor. His work is a mix of realism and commentary. His work is done with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials.

Upcoming Events:

Herschel prices range from $100 to $2000

Pricing Information:

Herschel’s works have sold all over the world and in the US. His works are priced from $100 to $2000


HI I am a self taught artist Living in Lebanon IN


Neat-O gallry of Fine Art / Suger Creek Art Center



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