Joe Bieschke

Joe Bieschke


My art is about oppositional forces. A combination of the real and the surreal comprise the subjects and settings of my work. I work in both painterly and draughtsman-like techniques, and use these seemingly contrasting approaches to lend visual tension to each piece. Finished pieces tend to still appear raw and uncompromising, as I try to show the thought processes and hypotheses that I’ve struggled with throughout the piece, presenting the research as the finished product.

I view the piece as

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About My Work:

The more that media makes you think and question your beliefs, as well as the world around you, the more intriguing it is to me. Literature inspires me to create characters and environments of my own, wordless narratives on paper or canvas. I draw inspiration from a variety of media sources, many different time periods and categories, which influences the eccentricity of my images.  I try to analyze and re-interpret classically revered art forms, and attempt to capture that same timeless intrigue in my own work.

Pricing Information:

Moderately priced, works range from $50.00 for small drawings to $1,200.00 for larger paintings.


BFA-Fine Arts, 2008, Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN


2009-Herron Alumni Show, “Best of,” Indianpolis, IN

2008-Visual Fringe “Best of,” Indianapolis, IN

2004-Distinguished Scholar Award, South Bend, IN

2004-Fine Arts Scholar Award, South Bend, IN

2004-Silver Key Award, Scholastic Arts Competition, South Bend, IN


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