Nick Smith

Nick is a multidisciplinary American artist, specializing in abstraction and post-graffiti stylings. He got his start producing large scale graffiti works in 2013 under the alias, Sean. (The name of his Autistic younger brother whom he dedicates his works to) Smith currently resides in the Midwestern US and travels to produce work worldwide.

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About My Work:

My works are grounded in abstraction and utilize learned lessons of color theory, as a colorblind artist, and play with the concept of figure-ground through triangular prisms of colors derived from architecture, and graffiti stylings.

Upcoming Events:


Pricing Information:

I typically charge per square foot for murals.


Depending on the complexity of the mural design, I charge anywhere from 15$ per square foot, to 25$ per square foot.


BFA Herron School of Art and Design in Visual Communication Design




Best of Show Thesis Poster Design award Herron VCD Senior Show


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