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Project One Studio explores the possibilities of connection through new technology, materiality, and the human environment. We are artists, designers, and fabricators committed to craft, experience, and authenticity. We use innovative, often intricate systems to guide pattern development, construction techniques, and texture building. As public artists, we collaborate nationally with architects, landscape architects, engineers, municipalities, and consultants to activate public and private ... view more »

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About My Work:

We position ourselves as a studio that balances service-oriented design with our academic and theoretical pursuits. Our work is cutting-edge, following the new era of information-based art. Many things represent a city: culture, demographics, history, geology, and weather are all critical drivers in the milieu of a city. We pride ourselves in using this information to convey artistic expression. From using Wind Rose diagrams as sculptural inspiration to abstracting demographic data in new ways, we drive our concepts with data. What differentiates us from other data artists is the conceptualization of our research. Rather than simply displaying data and research, we use it to drive a more human aspect of a culture. We are archeologists of artwork, excavating a community’s histories, aspirations, and cultures and displaying them in a way that a diverse community can enjoy. This “abstract storytelling” is something we have explored in the past to great success with project stakeholders and community members.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Graduate with Honors, Ball State University: 2008
Master of Architecture, Concentration in Digital Fabrication, Ball State University: 2010


CODASummit 2021: “The Intersection of Art, Technology, and Place,” Artist Showcase: 2021

Published in CODA Magazine 2021: “Technology & Art VIII,” Depth of Field: 2021

International Interior Design Association Indiana Chapter Award, EVV Immersive Theater: 2015

Published in Architect Magazine’s 2010 R+D Awards, bitMAPS: 2010

Innovation Award, Robert Bruce Thompson Lighting Design Competition, MorphoLuminescence: 2009


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